Reflection: Puzzling Polynomials and Quizzical Quadratics - Section 3: Closure: Cliff Notes Jr.


I think this part of the lesson was crucial. After all of the hustle and bustle of stations, it was really important to have students stop and reflect on their learning. I found it interesting the different ‘hints’ that my students wrote to themselves in their Cliff Notes Jr activity. (see Student Work Samples - Cliff Notes Jr here) I like to see how they put things in their own words; phrases like “put the equation in order” showed me that students analyzed their learning and made notes that would actually help them based on their mistakes/learnings from the stations.  

Also, I learned by doing this activity that many of my students didn’t know what Cliff Notes even are. So I had to take some time to talk about that. Many were familiar with Spark Notes though. So maybe I should call this a Spark Notes Jr.?

  Student Work Samples
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Puzzling Polynomials and Quizzical Quadratics

Unit 2: Polynomial Functions and Equations
Lesson 1 of 15

Objective: SWBAT solve to find the exact answer to quadratic equations and will determine the best method for solving a quadratic equation.

Big Idea: Review polynomial operations with NCTM’s polynomial puzzlers and then practice solving quadratic equations by moving through stations.

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students working quadratics stations
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