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I really like the Ipod Listening activity as it is an especially effective tool for my differently-abled students.  By assigning students a lesson to listen to and only giving them explicit instructions about what the notes should contain, in terms of  number of facts or diagrams, I release them to take ownership of selecting what they want to include in their notes.   

Interestingly, I see a marked improvement in what my different learners are able to glean more from this method of learning compared to traditional instruction.  I say that my different learners are able to glean more from this process based on the higher quality of notes that they generate from listening assignments.  While I do not tend to see a great difference in the quality of notes from the higher ability student, there is a definite difference in the quality of note-taking from the students who are ELL or learning challenged.  I think a contributing factor is that they are able to manage how quickly or slowly or how many times that they want to listen to the lesson within the time period that is allotted to complete the assignment.  I find that whenever I use this activity before I teach from a more traditional method, like lecture, my differently-abled students are more able to follow the guided notes and contribute to the discussion.  The IPod listening activity is an effective tool, especially for my differently-abled students as it acts to fertilize the ground for the teaching that follows.

  Using Ipods as a part of instruction
  Adaptive Technology: Using Ipods as a part of instruction
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Viruses, Part 1 - Not kidding, they are not living

Unit 1: Unit 1- Organization and Relationships
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Objective: Students will examine the characteristics of viruses and understand the reasons why they are unlike living organisms.

Big Idea: Viruses are not considered living.

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Science, structure, viruses, compare and contrast
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virus infected cells
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