Reflection: Student Grouping Water is Cool, Day One - Section 2: Roles and Data Collection Construction


The experiments are going to require lots of steps and with the excitement being already high it could get quite noisy. I find that giving students assigned roles helps everyone be actively engaged and they monitor those things that are difficult like time and noise. I have made role necklaces for students to wear while they work in groups. This allows the group to see what the job of their fellow team mate is. I also make sure that the groups understand that leader is not the person in control but rather makes sure to read the directions and monitors the steps of the experiment. Roles can also build the team dynamic and keep the students focused. No one has the opportunity to just sit. 

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Water is Cool, Day One

Unit 4: Water and Weathering
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Objective: SWBAT predict and experiment with water in a variety of ways to understand cohesion and adhesion.

Big Idea: By understanding the force and attraction of water students will be able to understand why water acts the ways it does. These fun experiments are a great way to open a unit on water because they almost seem magical.

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