Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Mystery Powders Day 3 - Section 1: Reigning in the Excitement


My kids entered the classroom after recess just pumped up to do science! I knew I would be in trouble if I didn't get them focused prior to entering the lab. Taking the "temperature" of my students energy levels prior to conducting investigations is one of the most important things I have had to learn to do as I transition into the intensity of NGSS.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Bonkers!
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Mystery Powders Day 3

Unit 1: Thinking, Writing, and Observing Like a Scientist
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: SWBAT determine the contents of the mystery powder using their observations and testing chart.

Big Idea: Students test the "Mystery Powder" by dropping various liquids and then determine what's in it using their data and comparison skills.

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Science, drawing conclusions, Analyze and Interpret Data, collaborative discussion, observations
  50 minutes
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