Reflection: Rigor Decomposing Hydrogen Peroxide Demonstration (Elephant Toothpaste) - Section 4: Post-Demonstration


An incredible amount of learning takes place when the students are tasked with drawing what they have observed. I have found that students are often intimidated about writing what they have learned (believing they are not good writers), but kids are often excited about drawing pictures. I let them know from the beginning that stick figures are fantastic and that I never grade on artistic talent (removes fear).

Don't discount this type of learning as juvenile. The kids love it and they have to really understand scientific principles in order to reduce the ideas down into a simple drawing. I make it clear that their drawings must have titles, clear labels, include color, and descriptors. Its really fun to see what they can do - I highly encourage this sort of assessment.

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Decomposing Hydrogen Peroxide Demonstration (Elephant Toothpaste)

Unit 5: Chemical Reactions
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Objective: Students will be able to compare reaction rates between different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide as it decomposes into water and oxygen.

Big Idea: Decomposing hydrogen peroxide provides a show as it forms a column of soap foam known as elephant's toothpaste.

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elephant toothpaste demo
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