Reflection: Trust and Respect Animals Are Structures Too - Pre-Assessment - Section 4: Working It Out


When we go through the answers to the items on the video, the discussion can get heated as students start to give ways an item might fulfill the criteria for living. Fire is one of those items that can make the discussion heated (pardon the pun!). Students often do not deal well with having to fulfill all 7 criteria. They think 5.5/7 is a fine grade. We have to have the discussion that this is not a grade, but a scientific observation protocol. This is my favorite part of the discussion, but the one where I really have to use my discussion protocols to ensure all voices are heard.

  Keeping The Discussion On-Track
  Trust and Respect: Keeping The Discussion On-Track
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Animals Are Structures Too - Pre-Assessment

Unit 2: Animals Are Structures Too
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Objective: Students will demonstrate what they know about how to classify living and non-living things. They will also define what they know about macro- and micro-structures of animals.

Big Idea: This formative assessment gives me information about the level of understanding students have about animal structures, and helps me plan the rest of the unit.

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Science, diffusion, philosophy, Systems and systems models, Grappling with Complex ideas and concepts, Osmosis, structures, scientific drawing, animal, bone, cell
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