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Leading a summary discussion of a lab before students begin allows students who are not strong readers a  general sense of the procedure for the lab. Of course,  all students should read lab procedures before beginning.  But, providing students a verbal summary is a "head start"  for struggling readers who can benefit from such an overview.  Another option for struggling readers is to provide them a copy of the lab procedure that has the most pertinent information already highlighted on the pages for them.

My school district also uses a computer program, Kurzweil that allows struggling readers to read the lab using a software that defines words and/or reads the text aloud to them.  I simply scan the print material and load it into the program.  Students access the document and are able to read with assistance in a more independent manner.  I like this approach because it allows students to maintain a sense of independence.

  Struggling readers
  Students with Disabilities: Struggling readers
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1,2,3,4-I declare war!

Unit 1: Unit 1- Organization and Relationships
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Objective: Students will examine cause and effect and partake in an investigation on whether or not the size of one’s thumb determines the outcome of a thumb war.

Big Idea: Does thumb size actually matter when it comes to war? Use an investigative techniques to solve this mystery!

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Science, Scientific Method (Science Skills), cause and effect, asking questions, dependent variable, independent variable
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