Reflection: Checks for Understanding Scientists Measure with Care - Section 5: Evaluate


I have incorporated several layers of assessment within this lesson that I can use for all students, or that I can use as a differentiation strategy.

Advance Organizer - This assesses basic recall and understanding of the video we watch earlier in the unit. It can be used a a basic formative assessment for the class, or a summative assessment for students who perform at a lower level.

Measurement Station Activity - This requires students to deepen their understanding by attempting to apply measurement skills to measure and collect quantitative data that will be shared with their scientific community (the class).

What do Scientists Do? - This activity requires students to apply what they learned in the activity to the work of scientists, identifying the importance of precise measurement  as it relates to the scientific community.

Measurement of Understanding - Provides a written response that requires students to apply and evaluate assessment measures. This incorporates higher order thinking and deeper understanding of the content.

  Layers of Assessment
  Checks for Understanding: Layers of Assessment
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Scientists Measure with Care

Unit 1: What Do Scientists Do?
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate the basic measures of length, mass, volume, and temperature by estimating and measuring objects and recording the information.

Big Idea: Without standard practices and units of measurement, scientists would not be able to ensure the validity of their results or communicate effectively with the scientific community.

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