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Through the questions I ask, I am trying to figure out if students are adjusting their estimates as they go, which will signify to me that they are becoming more familiar with the size of each unit. I also want to hear whether or not they are starting to use the names of the units and the tools, which will help me to assess their understanding and determine whether they can select the correct unit for each attribute they measure. Additionally, I want to determine whether or not they are checking their work - and their partners' work - for accuracy. All of these factors lead me to properly assess their overall understanding of the measurement process.

  Purpose of Questioning
  Purpose of Questioning
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Scientists Measure with Care

Unit 1: What Do Scientists Do?
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate the basic measures of length, mass, volume, and temperature by estimating and measuring objects and recording the information.

Big Idea: Without standard practices and units of measurement, scientists would not be able to ensure the validity of their results or communicate effectively with the scientific community.

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