Reflection: Rigor Comparing "Those Who Don't" and "Black Men in Public Space" - Section 2: Review "Black Men and Public Space" and Assign Poetry Homework


In the Identity Bead lesson, I mention a theory by one of my favorite writers on educational practices, Carol Jago, and that theory is centered around mixing in the occasional creative assignment to foster positive student attitudes towards writing.  

In the Poetry Assignment for this lesson, I think I have found a happy medium between rigor and creativity (not that the two cannot coexist, of course . . .).  I am requiring that my students use evidence from the texts within their poems, to demonstrate their understanding of the inherent themes in both.  I am additionally requiring that they demonstrate their understanding of figurative language, as well as of voice, tone, and mood.

The freedom of developing their own poetic structure is where the fun comes in.  Throughout these past few lessons stemming from "Those Who Don't," I have recognized that most of my students have something to say about stereotyping, and that many are willing to say it.  For that reason, I wanted to provide them with a medium in which they can freely play with their language and develop the voice, tone, and mood that best communicate their thoughts and/or experience with stereotyping. 

I have also found that most students at this age are not afraid of poetry yet, having had many opportunities to write poetry in the lower grades.  With all these thoughts in mind, I anticipate overall success from my students for this assignment.


  Rationale for the Poetry Assignment
  Rigor: Rationale for the Poetry Assignment
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Comparing "Those Who Don't" and "Black Men in Public Space"

Unit 3: House on Mango Street Part II
Lesson 3 of 13

Objective: SWBAT compare the theme found in both fictional and non-fictional texts and create an original poem that incorporates the same theme.

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