Reflection: Classroom Setup Motion and Molecules - Section 2: Water Molecules in Motion


Students are going to be moving around the room during the activity and to help control it I am going to move the desks within the classroom. I want to control the engagement, learning, and safety of the activity and moving the desks will give me a specific area for students to move within. I create a large rectangle out of the desks with an opening at the top and bottom. Now students that participate will have a distinct area to do so in. I can monitor the activity and other students who have a viewing area to engage in the learning even if they are not acting it out at the time.

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Motion and Molecules

Unit 4: Water and Weathering
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Objective: SWBAT simulate and explain how water takes on different states and what causes them.

Big Idea: A fun review with students on how we can simulate the molecules that are found in water by moving around the room and using a flashlight.

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Science, Motion, watershed, water table, ocean, weathering, molecule, water, water's physical state, rivers
  30 minutes
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