Reflection: Shared Expectations And That's What It's All About - Section 5: Explain: Discussing Our Findings


I continue to model and discuss the expectations for science circle and how we will participate as a whole group and meet the expected norms.  IN order to do this students need to feel safe and respected.  This doesn't just happen through discussion in science class.  I have been working on this since the first day of school and incorporate it into almost every aspect of the students day.

The goal of science circle is for me to be more of a moderator and to not always have each conversation go through me.  I had included a video that capture early stages of this as students share their observations.  You can see how students are chiming in on their own and not raising their hand.  I have worked on this and also emphasized that in order for this to work it is important to be listening and learning to what is being shared.  In other words, don't just worry about speaking next.  

  Shared Expectations: Establishing Desired Dialogue
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And That's What It's All About

Unit 2: Force and Motion
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Objective: SWBAT identify objects/things that can be moved and how they are put into motion.

Big Idea: Through the use of movement and observation, the students will be able to identify objects that can be moved and identify and problem solve how to move objects..

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Science, force and motion, recording observations, learning from peers, S1
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