Reflection: Performance Tasks Constant Velocity Lab Practical - Section 4: Students Test Predictions


This was my students first lab practical of the year so they were a little nervous about it and wanted me to tell them exactly what they were supposed to do. I had them work with their table groups to have some support and to reflect back on their dune buggy lab from the beginning of the unit. My students had two main methods that I discuss in these videos: Constant Velocity Lab Practical Graphing Method and Constant Velocity Lab Practical Method #2

There are a few things that I would change. First, I would change the percent difference students need to be able to get points, which I talk about more in Changes for next Constant Velocity Lab Practical. Something that I would also think about changing is to make sure that I am consistent about when the cars cross. I tried to be consistent with all groups of waiting until the cars are completely intersecting before placing my post-it on the floor at that point to record the data. 

  Performance Tasks: First Lab Practical of the Year!!
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Constant Velocity Lab Practical

Unit 2: Constant Velocity Motion
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: Students will be able to predict the intersection of two objects by using data collected from each object.

Big Idea: Dune buggies race and students find their intersection point.

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