Reflection: Complex Tasks Effects of Erosion - Section 3: Problems and Solutions


I had a student afterward choose to write a persuasive letter to our principal about the erosion problem. He chose to do this on his own. I have a free writing time where students can practice writing about things they are interested in. In this case, the student was excited to share with the principal his thoughts on erosion. He also included a possible solution and even managed to make request on behalf of his learning.

Students can often push themselves into harder, more rigorous tasks when given the opportunity. After any and every content lesson, I remind students that they can use their learning in their writing. I might offer suggestions for how to do this, and this case I asked that he focus his writing on the purpose and how he might use it to convince our principal. 

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Effects of Erosion

Unit 4: Water and Weathering
Lesson 8 of 17

Objective: SWBAT analyze the reasons for erosion on our playground and form possible reasons and solutions for what has occurred.

Big Idea: This lesson jumps into using the vocabulary words by understanding their definitions through real life experiences.

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water erosion
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