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Students should have opportunities to explore different ways of writing numbers. Some of my students confused standard and expanded form quit often. To clear up this misconception, I ask them to move into their assigned group. As students explored expanded form, I ask them use place value skills to compare the value of numbers. For instance, in comparing 23,245 and 23,246, a student might say, both numbers are equal in value. When in fact 23,246 is larger than 23,245 because the number in the ones place is 6.  Hopefully in time students will generate a pattern of checking for reasonableness when giving answers.

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Writing out numbers!

Unit 4: Numbers and Their Places!
Lesson 13 of 15

Objective: SWBAT read and write numbers in a variety of ways.

Big Idea: In this lesson students explore how to write numbers in written form, in order to become more precise in the way they read and write numbers.

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