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As I interact with the students while they are conducting their activities, I carry a lab checklist.  This checklist includes a variety of topics ranging from working well with their partner to maintaining lab safety rules.  The students know that they will receive a plus or a minus for each category during the lab.  If the student receives three minuses, he/she will receive points off of his/her lab grade.  This helps to maintain lab accountability. 

Because safety is of the utmost importance in my lab, I do not hesitate to remove students who pose a danger to themselves or others by not following directions.  I also take points off of student labs if they are not properly wearing lab safety equipment.  I provide students with one goggle warning if I see them without their goggles because sometimes they remove their goggles to read their lab notes.  If they remove the goggles again after their warning, I deduct five points from their lab grade.  I also give "roaming charges" to students who wander away from their lab.  Reminding the students of roaming charges prior to the start of the lab serves as a humorous reminder to stay with their group.

  Assessing Lab Work
  Continuous Assessment: Assessing Lab Work
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Physical and Chemical Changes - Flipped (Day 1)

Unit 2: Chemistry
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Objective: SWBAT identify physical and chemical changes based on a laboratory experiment.

Big Idea: In this lesson students will review a set of flipped notes and then practice the information by conducting a laboratory activity.

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