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Kids learn best when information is layered. Start with the most basic information for those who enter the classroom with no prior knowledge then begin adding pieces one at a time until a full picture is formed. I teach this lesson halfway through our tree unit so the kids already know the parts of a tree, can recognize a variety of trees by their attributes, understand the function of each part of a tree.

This lesson focuses on the attributes of the leaves of a tree. Different trees have different leaves because a variety of functions are needed. The idea of this lesson is to get kids to see the commonality between leaves and sort them according to those traits. 

The evaluation of this lesson is done independently and individually. The lesson starts as whole group, moves to team work and ends with an independent task that evaluates individual understanding of the objective. 

  Scaffolding for maximum learning
  Staircase of Complexity: Scaffolding for maximum learning
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Leaf it to me!

Unit 3: One, Two, TREE!!
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT sort leafs from different trees by comparing their attributes.

Big Idea: There are three different types of leaves. This lesson introduces kindergartners to the three categories of leaves as they classify pictures of leaves into the three different categories.

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Science, tree, leaf, seasons
  40 minutes
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