Reflection: Real World Applications Using Simple Spectroscopes - Section 2: Explore and Elaborate


Watching my students use the spectroscopes was really fun.  I could see my students taking ownership of their learning and truly engaged in the classroom.  Students conversed with each other and discussed similarities and differences between what they saw.  This is exactly what I want my students to do, create, think, and communicate. 

By students using their spectroscopes to look at different lights in the classroom to determine what different colors are produced, students were also in sync with a facet of the engineering design process. Further, by students comparing the spectra of light sources with their spectroscope they are exploring possible hypothesis and with the spectroscope sheet artifact, will have the ability to revise their thinking accordingly as well.


  Real World Applications: Engineering
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Using Simple Spectroscopes

Unit 3: Waves
Lesson 5 of 11

Objective: SWBAT observe that different wavelengths produce different colors.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students use a simple spectroscopes that was built in a previous lesson in order to view different wavelengths and different colors produced.

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Science, Waves, Light, Wave Length, sound waves, light wave, refraction (Light), inquiry, spectroscope, colors, hands one
  75 minutes
using spectroscopes
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