Reflection: Pre-Tests Seasonal Weather - An Introduction - Section 2: Pre-Assessment (Science & Writing)


It's important to collect several writing samples at the start of the year, preferably in different subject areas.  This way I circumvent the possibility that a child might not write much, or well, simply due to a lack of interest in or understanding of a given writing prompt.  I have found that students typically respond well to open ended science questions and this prompt was no exception.  These samples provide a benchmark against which to compare their later writing and they also provide me with guidelines for planning my initial instruction.  Additionally, understanding their ability to write expository text and use specific vocabulary will give me a good picture of their starting point in developing their ability to read, write, and speak using scientific (which often just means specific and objective) vocabulary.

  Initial Writing Assessments
  Pre-Tests: Initial Writing Assessments
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Seasonal Weather - An Introduction

Unit 2: Seasonal Weather
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT use new vocabulary words as they write (pre-assessment) about what they know about the seasons in their location.

Big Idea: Introduce seasonal weather with local examples and key vocabulary!

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