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The "My System Diagram" can be quite a challenge. Students may be distracted by the pictures and arrows, and not follow the specific instructions (use each picture only once, color code the arrows, arrows pointing to the correct location). I recommend telling students this beforehand, and reviewing the instructions with them in order to avoid frustration. I remind students that errors are opportunities to learn, and that perseverance is rewarded.

The mental model (SP2 Developing and Using Models) that is created when students can successfully follow the flow of energy does more than visually represent the process. It is aimed at helping the students organize the concepts into discrete units, that they can use to develop hypotheses and generate explanations when we tackle energy flow again in the Interdependence of Organisms unit.

  I Give Up!
  Perseverance: I Give Up!
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Cell Respiration - A WISE Activity (Day 5)

Unit 4: Cell Processess
Lesson 7 of 18

Objective: Students will be able to use interactive visualizations to explore how chemical energy is released during cell respiration..

Big Idea: When bonds are broken, energy is released.

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