Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Introduction to Crayfish - Section 3: Active Engagement


You have noticed, I am sure, that I did not type much by way of lesson plans.  This is because, by design, I did not speak much today at all.  

I have said before, "Those that talk, learn" and I try to live that with my class as much as possible. Today, I created an opportunity that was of high interest and would create a safe environment to share ideas.  

As students become more confident in their observational skills, their questioning and debating grows as well! 

Many may feel like they are not teaching by standing back, but think about what we do when we want our babies to walk…we back up and let them do it!

  Teaching Through Silence
  Student Led Inquiry: Teaching Through Silence
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Introduction to Crayfish

Unit 3: Structures of Life: Crayfish
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Objective: Students will be able to observe images of crayfish and their predators in order to brainstorm questions to investigate.

Big Idea: Questions begin with observations. In this lesson, students will actively work together, and off of each other, to prepare for our investigation phase.

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Science, questioning, data organization, Observation skills
  55 minutes
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