Reflection: Organizational Systems The Fossil Mind Map Unfolds - Section 3: The Mind Map Continues


In order to address the problems with having to focus on learning about what fossils and the layers of rock tell us about the change in the land, we can get bogged down in all the fun facts. My students want to focus on different kinds of rock, but don't understand that they just need to understand that fossils occur in sedimentary rock. They tend to keep moving into wanting to talk about lava. They are obsessed by volcanoes! So, I am hoping the mind map helps them see clearly what they need to focus on. As I look at the results, I will help them edit the work and hone it down.This strategy will make it easier for them to write their future assessment that requires explanation and proving mastery of the standard.

  A Mind Map Strategy for Gathering Facts
  Organizational Systems: A Mind Map Strategy for Gathering Facts
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The Fossil Mind Map Unfolds

Unit 2: Fossils
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: SWBAT develop an organized mind map of facts they have learned about fossils from reading and visual content.

Big Idea: After students watch a short clip and read an article about fossils, students organize their new understanding by creating a mind map through an app.

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