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I developed this lesson to create an environment through this investigation that would allow them to develop collaborative skills, investigate "layers" of rock and what could be found in them, and then guide them to pull that all together to create a presentation that communicated their findings . I think it was successful. We can now move onto the meat of the unit where they will learn about how the earth's layers show change over time through the types of fossils that are found in them. I think this three day lesson has taught them that thinking, questioning and collaborating is all part of scientific inquiry. The freedom they had to develop their own ideas of the experience during this times was priceless.

I can't wait for them to find out that those imprints of fish are not painted by caveman.

  A way to formative assess both language arts and science
  Checks for Understanding: A way to formative assess both language arts and science
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Presenting Our Findings!

Unit 2: Fossils
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Objective: SWBAT share a presentation using graphics and sound that communicates scientific evidence and conclusions about classifying objects.

Big Idea: Students have created a presentation using technology to share their findings and how they classified natural objects vs. artifacts from their classroom dig.

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