Reflection: Rules and Consequences Academic Honesty: What is It? - Section 1: Notes for the Teacher


Conversations about academic honesty and cheating can be challenging to navigate with students and parents because the terms are so loaded with character judgements and fear of consequences.  And yet, it is our job to have this essential check in with kids about integrity, honesty, trust, and consequences.  Check out this short video for my rationale for using this lesson with students each year. 

  The Importance of Explicitly Covering Academic Honesty in the Classroom
  Rules and Consequences: The Importance of Explicitly Covering Academic Honesty in the Classroom
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Academic Honesty: What is It?

Unit 1: Unit 1: Introduction to our Classroom and The Scope of Biology
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Objective: Students will be able to articulate and apply academic honesty guidelines in their written work.

Big Idea: Use open ended questions about potential cheating scenarios to open up a discussion and awareness of academic honesty policies and guidelines!

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Science, Classroom Culture and Climate, Life Science/Biology, Academic Honesty, discussion norms/protocols
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