Reflection: Learning Communities Using Student Focus Groups to Improve Instruction - Section 5: After the Session: Following Up, Following Through


Please view my short video about the necessity for teacher accountability to the student focus group for maximum impact and success.  As you'll see, being open to giving students the reigns to determine their learning needs and reflect upon their successes can be a powerful experience for both the kids and for us as teachers!

  Teacher commitment and accountability
  Learning Communities: Teacher commitment and accountability
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Using Student Focus Groups to Improve Instruction

Unit 1: Unit 1: Introduction to our Classroom and The Scope of Biology
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Objective: Teachers will be able to collaborate in structured conversations to improve classroom practice and student learning experiences.

Big Idea: Explore how can you use student knowledge and perspectives to shift classroom culture and instructional practices for better learning experiences!

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Science, discussion norms/protocols, Life Science/Biology
  50 minutes
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