Reflection: Student Ownership The Earth Is Mostly Water - Section 3: Oceans and Continents


I want to encourage students to think and act like scientists whenever possible. By changing the name of the traditional KWL chart to specifically ask for questions, I encourage students to think like a scientists. 

Students were filled with questions. They knew what an ocean was because their town is on the ocean and they all spend a great deal of time at the beach, but they had lots of questions about the deeper ocean, the ocean floor, waves, etc. Even students who often do not participate had questions that they wanted to share.

Students are naturally curious and if we can tap into that curiosity, we will build a better environment to encourage curiosity and a desire to learn more in science.

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The Earth Is Mostly Water

Unit 3: Understanding Our Earth
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Objective: SWBAT define several types of bodies of water found on earth

Big Idea: The earth is mostly water and that water can be found in oceans, rivers, lakes and ponds.

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Science, wind (Weather), erosion, research, observation, landforms
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