Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge My Feathery Friends - Section 2: Take-off (Warm-up)


In my classroom, I utilize a discussion strategy called turn-and-talk.  In one classroom, the teacher asks a question and a few students (usually the same ones) raise their hands to answer.  In my classroom, I ask a question and students talk to a partner before sharing.  This gives all students a chance to think about the answer.  If they aren't sure, they can listen to the friend and begin to make meaning or connect to the question.  Check out how many hands went up in this lesson after turn-and-talk!

I also have a strategy of making a connection sign to a friend, if he or she shares the same thinking that you wanted to share.  Students put up a fist and stick out their pinky and thumb.  By motioning the hand back and forth, they are "connecting" themselves to the other students' thinking!

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Strategy: Turn-and-talk
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My Feathery Friends

Unit 2: Birds of a Feather Flock Together
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Objective: SWBAT locate key details from the text and illustrations about how feathers meet the needs of birds.

Big Idea: What is the purpose of feathers? (Okay, *besides* flying!) Feathers are actually incredible external parts. They help birds meet all kinds of needs, and they are the key to our biomimicry engineering designs.

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