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I love using jigsaws in the classroom because it helps to support the collaborative culture and shared conceptualization and understanding areas. When the students are able to focus primarily on one text, knowing that their peers have their back with the other three, they feel supported and work hard to do their part. They see that this is a task that is very complex and appreciate that they can focus on just one piece at a time. I also find that they enjoy working with different groups in the same class period as they are incredibly social.

  Why Jigsaw This?
  High Quality Task: Why Jigsaw This?
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Student Criticism Jigsaw

Unit 8: "Story Of An Hour"
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: Students will participate in a jigsaw activity that analyzes four student written literary criticisms of the text in order to develop a deeper shared understanding.

Big Idea: All For One And One For All!

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