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The best part of this process was watching the students be so engaged by one another as they heard the opinions they had and the logic behind them. As kids heard different ideas, it became clear that they were processing the new information and connecting it to the schema they were developing. It was really cool to hear the different ideas, well-supported by the textual evidence referenced. I also like that it reinforced what I have been trying to get the kids to accept: There isn't just one right answer all the time.

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Shared Theme

Unit 8: "Story Of An Hour"
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: Students will read and analyze two poems to establish connections between them and the anchor text.

Big Idea: Using Multiple Texts To Analyze Theme

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English / Language Arts, theme (Reading Comp), Writing, annotation, Vocabulary, collaboration, presentation, Story of an Hour, poems, shared theme, criticism
  50 minutes
story theme discussion
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