Reflection: High Expectations Ad Campaign Group Work Day 1 - Section 3: Independent Practice


While I am hopeful that each and every group will be able to meet the minimum number of required surveys completed right away in that first day or so, it is my experience and full expectation that they will probably be working to get the last of them completed up until that final day. I never tell them of my understanding about this, I simply tell them that they should be using all data as they receive it to make the necessary modifications to and decisions about their ad campaign. I want them to develop in this experience a better understanding as to just how valuable this process is and can be to a company as they work to sell services and goods. 

  The Difficulty of Surveying
  High Expectations: The Difficulty of Surveying
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Ad Campaign Group Work Day 1

Unit 7: Advertising, Bias, and Propaganda
Lesson 9 of 13

Objective: Students will work in their groups to accomplish the various assigned tasks.

Big Idea: We Should Start By...

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English / Language Arts, product information, survey, advertising, demographics, propaganda
  50 minutes
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