Reflection: Math Mysteries! - Section 3: Creative twist examples to build excitment


The music was a hit! The students bought into the hype of becoming detectives hook, line, and sinker! I was able to borrow small magnifying glasses from my science department.  Oh boy, the students were super excited!  I think this worked a bit too well.  So well, the focus for a moment was taken off of preserving through the problems and more so on the props given to build student excitement.  My blessed souls were using the magnifying glasses to look at the problems, one another's eyes, etc.  After saying, "Ok, my little detectives, let's focus on solving the problems and less on looking through our magnifying glasses.", a few too many times, I collected our props, paused the music and the students then got down to business.  

  Yes it built excitement, but boy a distraction too!
  Yes it built excitement, but boy a distraction too!
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Math Mysteries!

Unit 1: Introduction to Mathematical Investigations
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT explain, analyze, make conjectures, monitor, evaluate, and check their answers when solving a variety of problems.

Big Idea: With the focal point being on the mathematical practices, student’s will become math detectives searching for evidence to solve mathematical mysteries.

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Math, Fractions, Number Sense and Operations, Fun while learning, Multiplying fractions without a calculator, graphing ordered pairs, quadrants, Coordinate grids, Opening week activity, engaging, subtracting fractions, bar graph
  54 minutes
math detectives
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