Reflection: Station Rotation Advertising Analysis Day 2 - Section 2: Work Stations- Print Ads


For this activity, there were a few variables I had to consider when establishing groups and designing how the station rotations would best fit. I had limited access to laptops in my classroom at this time, and did not feel the computer lab was an appropriate place for the overall activity, so I began to think about what it could look like. The thing that kept resonating for me as I thought was that not all tasks would take equal time to complete. It could take longer for a particular student or group of students to process one ad or another, or the kids could need more time when watching one of the online/television advertisements, which require the students to watch more than once in order to really begin to see everything within them. I couldn't have the laptop groups be forced to follow the same timing rotation as those analyzing print ads at the time. 

In order to make this work, I had to be very flexible with how the rotations take place and monitor the progress very carefully throughout. 

  Why Leave It Open?
  Station Rotation: Why Leave It Open?
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Advertising Analysis Day 2

Unit 7: Advertising, Bias, and Propaganda
Lesson 7 of 13

Objective: Students will work in small teams to analyze 8 advertisements, 4 print and 4 television, using a rubric that assesses pathos, ethos, logos, and other strategies.

Big Idea: This Gets Easier The More I Practice

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English / Language Arts, Analysis (Listening and Speaking), collaboration, ethos, pathos, logos, advertising, demographics, propaganda techniques, time management, cornerstone, propaganda
  50 minutes
ad analysis 2
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