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Students were really developing a growing understanding of a character's point of view. One of the most insightful answers came from Yliani. The statement was that Mulan will wash her dog. Yliani said it was false because Mulan is girly and would not want to wash a smelly dog. Some students chimed in that Mulan had fought in war and had to get dirty, so washing a dog would not be a big deal to her. Unmoved, she responded that she only did that to save her father. She is really a girly girl because she puts on a dress and a flower in her hair as soon as she gets home. Her response signaled to me that she had really taken on the point of view of Mulan by analyzing Mulan’s feelings for her father and her actions in the story. 

  Character Point of View
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Character Point of View
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Distinguishing Point of View

Unit 6: The Ballad of Mulan
Lesson 14 of 14

Objective: SWBAT distinguish their own point of view from those of the character by writing a letter from a character in the story.

Big Idea: Students write a letter from Mulan to her family. They convey her feelings after being away at war.

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