Reflection: Student Ownership Communication of Data from Our Class Dig - Section 2: We Collaborate and Create


As I roved the class and listened to the different groups of students collaborate, I saw very different things. One student could not accept the idea that a rock (a very round uncut geode) was a meteorite. They did put it in their natural object pile, but he insisted that it be labeled meteorite. He believed a meteorite was a different category.

I also loved the fact that one group believed that the fish fossil was not a fossil, but a cave painting. This is logical and revealed to me that the next steps in their learning about trace fossils should be handled with care. I would never want them to think that their misconception was a bad thing, but help them see how important learning is and that our lack of education can keep us from understanding truths.

This collaborative time was as rich for me as it was for them! I guided it and in the same token, I just let it happen. I let them work together to draw conclusions from evidence without stepping in to correct them. There is time for that in future lessons!

  Teawork takes time!
  Student Ownership: Teawork takes time!
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Communication of Data from Our Class Dig

Unit 2: Fossils
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT clearly communicate their findings from their classroom dig.

Big Idea: Students compile the data they found in their team and create a presentation that clearly communicates their findings.

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