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The writing in this lesson went really well. I encourage my students to share their ideas with each other when writing. Some teachers are surprised by this, but let me tell you why I feel it works. It fosters student accountability and a sense of community. This is how it works in my room, I designate my guided reading table as my student to student conference table. They know that once they have the writing draft completed they can go to the conference table and exchange their essay with their buddy and offer each other constructive feedback. At this point of the year it's just simply checking for missing words or does it make sense. They take this process very seriously because they know that if they are not on task they won't get to share in the process. This also allows me to check those essays that have already been peer edited before they go to the final draft. Again, this takes practice, the first couple of times I sit at the table, listen and offer assistance while helping them with time management by using a sand timer I took from an old board game!

  It's ok to talk/whisper when writing
  Trust and Respect: It's ok to talk/whisper when writing
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Meet My Invertebrate

Unit 2: Vertebrates and Invertebrates
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT: Review classifying invertebrates by classifying animals based on picture and characteristics.Write an explanatory essay about an invertebrate by citing inherited characteristics that identifies that animal as a type of invertebrate.

Big Idea: Scientists must validate a claim with evidence. Students must give reasons based on facts in order to explain what they see in Science.

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Science, Informational Writing
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