Reflection: Rules and Consequences Which Mathematical Practice Am I? - Section 3: Game Time


The group of seventh graders that I have this year lack a bit of maturity.  I began this high energy game with this group and the students could not handle the movement.  It is OK! If you get a group of students who need to be molded a bit more before introducing high energy education, take the time to mold them.  The students began having a blast.  I have 25 total students in this group.  Many of the took the game serious, and wanted to have fun.  I have 4 rambunctious boys who did not take the game seriously.  They were running into one another, laughing, and distracting from others getting the true experience of the game.  I could have chose to sit the 4 boys down and allowed the group to continue.  Because it is so early in the year, I want to build a climate and culture for all students to follow the expectations of the class.  The students who were unable to continue were disappointed. Out of their disappointment they held the 4 boys accountable for their disruptive behavior.  The boys wanted to continue, and were upset with themselves that their actions caused the entire group to miss out on continuing the game.  I stood firm for today and set the tone that all shall abide by the expectations of the class at all times, or all will not participate in the high energy education.  I didn't have to do much redirection, the students redirected for me.  It was great to see.  We will try again at the end of the week. 

  Reactions to how the students behaved during the game.
  Rules and Consequences: Reactions to how the students behaved during the game.
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Which Mathematical Practice Am I?

Unit 1: Introduction to Mathematical Investigations
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Objective: SWBAT gain understanding of Mathematical Practices and their uses in everyday learning through direct instruction, playing a game, and creating a resource.

Big Idea: Let’s Introduce the Mathematical Practices on Day One to our students through a fun interactive game, and allow the students to create a resource that will be accessible all year!

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