Reflection: Day One of Plaid Pete Discovers What's Living - Section 3: Guided Exploration


Observation Charts are a great way to introduce a new topic of study to English Language Learners.  Really - it is a great strategy for all learners.  They are highly visual, encourage students to begin to produce language around a selected topic, encourage curiosity and motivation, and are supported by brain research on visual learning.

Allowing students who have language deficits the opportunity to begin to develop an understanding of concepts using conversational language before they encounter the heavy demands of academic vocabulary reduces their anxiety.  Reduced anxiety leads to greater second language acquisition and academic achievement.

  Observation Charts - A GLAD ELL Strategy
  Observation Charts - A GLAD ELL Strategy
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Day One of Plaid Pete Discovers What's Living

Unit 2: Plaid Pete Discovers What Matters in Ecosystems
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Objective: SWBAT name the 7 characteristics shared by all living things.

Big Idea: What are the characteristics that are shared by all living things? Students participate in a guided exploration using observation charts to learn about what it means to be "living."

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