Reflection: Rigor Starting a Mind Map of Fossils - Section 2: Developing our Mind Map Using Prior Knowledge


Stretching their minds by using technology and a graphic organizer in one lesson is enough for one day. As we teach these new in depth standards, the need for awareness of strategies to gather information are just essential. I think that a mind map for fourth grade is perfect. Getting inside the heads of my fourth graders and understanding their perceptions of fossils has been an interesting journey starting with the Classroom Dig. From this lesson, I learned that their perceptions of fossils are a little off. They believe that fossils can only be animals. Through the next lesson, they will develop questions of what they want to know to add to their map. With each question, hopefully their reading and watching of a movie will help them identify the answers.

  Letting the Mind Map Rest
  Rigor: Letting the Mind Map Rest
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Starting a Mind Map of Fossils

Unit 2: Fossils
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: SWBAT build upon prior knowledge of fossils using a "mind map" as a tool for organizing thoughts and facts.

Big Idea: Students begin to create a mind map using prior knowledge about fossils.

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Science, Vocabulary and Concept Development, Mind Mapping, Building Upon Prior Knowledge, fossils, Creating a Visual Display of Understanding
  50 minutes
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