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One of the goals that I wanted students to realize was that science (the process of investigating nature) applies to everyday life and to commonplace items, like how people so often prepare their food in a microwave.

Student #1 seems to understand the research into the hazards of microwaves. In looking at the three summary quotes that he chose, he acknowledges how nutrients are not zapped away by the microwave. Rather, this student attributed cancer to poorly prepared food and not the microwave itself. Surprisingly, Student #2 arrives at opposite conclusions for many of the same propositions presented in the Anticipatory Guide. This implies that beliefs held (whether correct or incorrect) are often difficult to overcome. Student #2 clearly did correctly quote from the article but failed to see that the proposition was refuted by more accurate and thorough research that was later done. Opinion proves difficult to erase for some people but this is the exact reason why science, and science literacy, are essential!

  Real World Applications: Student misconceptions retained > Student misconceptions overcome
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Doin' Science: Microwaved Water (Day 1 of 2)

Unit 1: 1) Intro to Science ("Investigations by Design")
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: Students will be able to 1) understand the steps and process of the scientific method, 2) apply the process of the scientific method to various real-life phenomena and construct a valid conclusion (argument) based on evidence, and 3) evaluate the quality of an experiment, especially on the basis of reliability and validity.

Big Idea: Science, when used appropriately, can dispel myths that are not properly supported with solid evidence and sound reasoning. In this way, science can free an ever increasing technological society from ignorance and misunderstanding.

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