Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Which Mathematical Practice Am I? - Section 2: Direct Instruction


I decided to be very direct and clear with the introduction of the mathematical practices.  At first I wanted to be super creative and cute with how I introduced the mathematical practices.  After I reflected on what my students would truly grasp and retain, I opted to be clear and precise.  I posted the mathematical practices in our classroom.  The posters include what the practices are, what the students will do during each mathematical practice, and what the teacher will do when observing students practicing the mathematical practices.  These posters are large and colorful.  I went through each practice and gave examples of when they would use each, examples of what they would do when practicing each, and examples of things I would say or do.  Students were attentive.  We will play our game to see if they understood what was taught.  

  How I chose to Introduce the Mathematical Practices
  Adjustments to Practice: How I chose to Introduce the Mathematical Practices
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Which Mathematical Practice Am I?

Unit 1: Introduction to Mathematical Investigations
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Objective: SWBAT gain understanding of Mathematical Practices and their uses in everyday learning through direct instruction, playing a game, and creating a resource.

Big Idea: Let’s Introduce the Mathematical Practices on Day One to our students through a fun interactive game, and allow the students to create a resource that will be accessible all year!

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