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In each student response, the conclusion students arrived at is that failure, indeed, is an option...but not always a great one. Each student successfully selected the required five textual evidences from the article and used them to form a well-thought response. 

In particular, student 1.2 discussed the relationship between failure and overconfidence; "Failure keeps you on your toes". This student explains how his success in basketball led him to be overconfident and later helped him to see how his attitude could improve.

Student 2.2 explains that failure can "lead to success, gives more opportunities, teaches you more, and is needed in life."

Student 3.2 states that, "Failure shows what doesn't work and paves the way to success."

Failure is an option...but not a great one. This has become a mantra in my class. From a lab activity that didn't quite turn out as expected to a poor showing on a quiz, students have increasingly embraced the notion that failure need not produce mental paralysis. As a matter of class culture, students understand that revision of work is an expectation when the criteria of "standard" has not yet been met. With descriptive feedback from me, students have the opportunity to revise and show how failure can lead to improved performance.

FADAF! Failure And Difficulty Are Feedback!

  Classroom Setup: Failure is an option...but not a great one!
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Failure is an Option?

Unit 1: 1) Intro to Science ("Investigations by Design")
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Objective: Students will be able to: use evidence from a non-fiction text in order to write an argument that persuasively develops the claim or counterclaim proposed by the author. Students will be able to: understand that science as a process moves forward, not despite failure, but because of failure.

Big Idea: Scientists, and the process of science itself, are driven by the inevitable mistakes made during inquiry where failure is an option or if failure is something to be avoided.

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Science, Scientific Method (Science Skills), habits of mind, Nature of Science, Science Practices
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