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A couple of the cards I found online did not strike me as being very relevant and/or age appropriate for my students, so I  made a couple slight modifications. I eliminated those cards and replaced them with my own. For instance, the "Should all students go to college?" card was my addition to the mix. We had recently discussed during a character lesson in our Academic Prep period the week prior, the changing perceptions of college as well as the rising costs to attend. Since that was fresh in my mind and would for the students as well, I felt it was a good addition. This format makes it very simple and straightforward to add others and remain consistent. The possibilities are basically endless! 

  Argument Cards - The Original Set and Additions
  Lesson Planning: Argument Cards - The Original Set and Additions
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Debate Planning (Days 1-2)

Unit 6: Debates
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: Students will work in their assigned groups to prepare for the upcoming debates.

Big Idea: This Evidence Really Supports My Position!

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