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I’ve included some pictures of completed student Point of View Guides so that you can see what the end result may look like with your students. The grading scale we use in third grade in my district is B for Beginning understanding of concept, D for Developing within grade level, and S for Secure understanding of concept. The first picture shows students that have a Secure understanding of Point of View and completed the Guide correctly. The second picture shows students that showed misunderstanding in one or more aspects of the assignment, therefore, they received a Developing score. I provided feedback to these students (my feedback is written in blue pen) and also worked with them in a strategy group during Independent Reading time to help them get a better understanding of Point of View. I have copies of these and all other Strategy Guides organized in a file crate so I can have them on hand to use with these students or any students another time to reinforce the strategy throughout the year.

  Graded Point of View Guide Examples
  Checks for Understanding: Graded Point of View Guide Examples
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Point of View: Black and white reflections

Unit 5: Point of View Unit
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT explain their understanding of Point of View through written expression and visual representation.

Big Idea: Reflecting on the concept of Point of View

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