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One area where there is usually lot of knowledge and fluency differences among 8th graders is fractions and decimals. These background differences can vary from not fully understanding basic concepts of fractions like equivalence and common denominators, to operating with fractions in higher algebraic expressions.  Yet, we teachers must understand that once these students are in our classroom, it is our responsibility to help them improve their abilities, and hopefully reach their grade level. These differences make lessons like these harder to teach because we have to remediate those that are behind and move forward those that have no trouble at all. Although I’ve provided some scaffolding differences in this section, I discovered that some students in my class needed really basic work with fractions and decimals. Some didn't really know what it meant to multiply 3 x 2/3 or to multiply 100 x 0.04, so I went back to the “drawing board” and used concrete models including fractional circles,  folding fraction lines, and drawing bar models. Classroom time may not be enough for these students, so out of class enrichment should be made available. Students will hide behind these conceptual gaps in the classroom, partly because they do not want to expose these weaknesses to classmates. It is important to spot these weaknesses and work with these students in a patient and respectful manner.

  Conceptual knowlegde of fractions and decimals
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Conceptual knowlegde of fractions and decimals
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Making It Clear

Unit 3: Relationships between Quantities/Reasoning with Equations
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Objective: SWBAT solve equations by applying the multiplication property of equality to clear fractions or decimals.

Big Idea: Equations with fractions can be transformed into equivalent equations without fractions or decimals, making solving easier!

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Math, solving equations, Algebra, Decimals, Expressions (Algebra), clearing fractions, common denominator, 9th grade, multiplication property of equality
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