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I waited a couple of days to give the exit tickets from the activity because I wanted students to be able to see what happened with the water that evaporated and with the water that was frozen.  By waiting a couple of days, I was also able to assess what information from the lab was retained.  All students were able to correctly answer the first question that the salt was still in the water after dissolving, it did not disappear.  However, not all were able to support that argument with a way to prove they are correct.  Explaining answers and using science terminology is something that we have been working on and must continue to work on.  


The responses these two students gave are two good examples of what the majority of responses were like.  They did not support their argument that salt is still there with a way to prove it.  One student put that "it can be separated but it is hard" and did not list a way to separate it.  The other student put "the salt is still there because the water absorbs it" which also did not explain how to prove it is still there.  

I also found that the majority of students who were able to explain it, chose a different way to prove it, such as tasting the water and you will be able to taste the salt in it, or by evaporating the water and you would be left with salt.  These students were able to explain a way to prove that the salt was still there, but did not use the fact that the mass would not change as a way to prove it.  I will need to develop another assessment tool to check for understanding of this concept.  

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Dissolving Salt

Unit 2: Matter and Its Interactions
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: SWBAT explain that dissolving does not create something new.

Big Idea: Students investigate solubility by dissolving salt in water and finding a way to prove that the salt is still present in the water.

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