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Students need to demonstrate independence in their capacity and ability when using the resources (lab instructions) to follow multistep procedures. For most procedures, I carefully review the procedure with students and then I let them get to work. I monitor for safety by continually walking around the room to make observations. I ask students to tell me what they are doing and why they are doing it. Through this philosophy of teaching I watch students start the year with varying degrees of independence and comfort in the lab, and build on where they are.

With that said, you can imagine my discomfort in performing half of the Kastle-Meyer the procedure for and with my students; it goes against everything I just said. However, I got over my discomfort. I wanted to make sure that after all the work I had done to secure real blood and to make many more samples of fake blood that the test ran smoothly. I knew that by only having 1 bottle of reagent that this was going to be a bottleneck for the lab no matter what. Then, when I factored in the fact that the color change happened quickly, it just seemed like I should do what I could to keep the lab moving in as efficient a manner as possible if we were going to get accurate results.

The silver lining in this approach is that I got to do a little science with all of my students that day. I got to model my own lab bench style and interact with them at the same time, and the lab went off without a hitch.

  A teacher-led lab?!
  Student Led Inquiry: A teacher-led lab?!
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In the Heat of the Summer: Blood Test

Unit 2: Forensics
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Objective: Students will perform a chemical test in order to determine which evidence taken from suspects is blood.

Big Idea: The Kastle-Meyer blood test relies on chemical change as an indicator of the presence of blood.

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