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There are so many ways that teachers can have students write thesis statements. As in the video clip, a thesis statement can contain the reasons why the writer is developing ideas in his/her paper. In contrast, a thesis statement can be a strong sentence that states the purpose for writing. I cannot say which formula is the best way to write a thesis. However, I teach my students to think of thier thesis as the last impressive thing that gains the reader's attention about your topic. 

I start my students off with learning how to include reasons in their thesis statement. However by the end of the school year, students are throwing away reasons and creating overarching statements about their feelings on thier topics. Which way sounds the best? The one that allow students to create what the main idea is or way a lesson will be taught through experiences.

  How a Thesis Statement Look Reflection
  Perseverance: How a Thesis Statement Look Reflection
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Narrative Writing Workshop: It’s All Claimed Up in My Thesis Statement

Unit 9: Narrative Writing Workshop
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT write an introduction for a narrative that is descriptive in detail, well-structured, and contains a specific point-of-view for writing.

Big Idea: It's logic that drives my organization and claims for writing this story!

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