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Revising and editing are so important to the writing process. Allowing students the chance to add and subtract things to thier own papers gained them experiences and confidence in helping peers improve thier writings about a time in thier lives. The way students edited the papers required them to hear for places transitions could be added to a story. The challenge with this activity is that students must know enough about the function of transitions to place them effectively in writings to move ideas progressively for the reader.

I can admit that many students didn't do well with this editing purpose because they were listening for how ideas flowed and not what could be added to make them flow better. Another thing to note is that the experience of the student with writing will correlate with the support he/she gives to thier peer about how to make revisions to their essay. To prepare for the worst, I required students to add thier own transitions in their paper prior to sharing them with the class. In this way, students can add more to what they wrote since they are the only souls who know how events move from beginning, middle, and end. With more practice, students can master this technique!

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  Student Feedback: Editing Reflection
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Narrative Writing Workshop: Influencing the Flow of Ideas with Transitions

Unit 9: Narrative Writing Workshop
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT use a variety of transition words and phrases to show shifts from one event to another in a narrative story.

Big Idea: First, Next, Then...How many words until I get to the end?

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