Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Let's talk addition! - Section 3: Number Talk whole number addition


In retrospect I would make a couple of changes to the way I do Number Talks like this one in the classroom. This was my first year trying out this format. I think Number Talks can have a huge impact on student learning over time. In the future I would treat them as an entire lesson. I think they work better as a regular routine part of the classroom. Number sense is understanding that is developed over time through repeated experiences making connections and paying attention to relationships. I think there are several different goals with number talks including eliciting and trying multiple methods, making comparisons & connections between methods, and making connections to the standard algorithm. All three of these may not be present in every single Number Talk. 

Making a connection to the standard algorithm is an element I would add once students have had a chance to explore and compare multiple methods. When students have been directly taught the standard algorithm and "learned" it through repeated mimicry of the process they tend to make mistakes when they mix it up or forget parts of it. In this case I write the standard algorithm on the board and ask what part is usually the part where people get confused. Students usually identify "carrying" or regrouping as the point of confusion. Once we review that the "1" being carried represents the 10 from the 16 I ask them where that part of the problem shows up in their mental math models. This way students can use their invented algorithms which are at their level of comprehension to understand the algorithm better.

  Adjustments to Practice: Repeated Routines
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Let's talk addition!

Unit 1: Order of operations & Number properties
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: SWBAT share multiple methods to do mental addition of whole and rational numbers

Big Idea: Improving number sense and using number properties

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