Reflection: Rigor F451 Novel Wrap-Up - Section 2: Guided Practice


The portion of the lesson where I ask the students to defend an idea or claim with evidence from the text is one of my favorite parts in the unit, as it forces the students to think on a different level and scope than is most typically expected of them on a normal day at school. In order to do this task, students must hone the skills of separating attachments they have to ideas and beliefs, and approaching the task in a more objective and analytical approach. 

All at once, three hands shoot up, and I get excited because they seem really ready, or at least eager to try. In my experience, most students tend to find this type of task a bit intimidating and will shy away from participating in the process in front of their peers. To have these brave souls appear so eager is great as I won't have to work so hard to "pull teeth" so to speak. With an eager learner, they are likely to push themselves and really give their full effort, which is a great model for the class, even if they run into an obstacle or two along the way. 

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F451 Novel Wrap-Up

Unit 5: Fahrenheit 451 - Novel Study
Lesson 15 of 16

Objective: The students will collaborate effectively in order to make connections and reach accurate conclusions regarding the various aspects of and elements within the novel.

Big Idea: Putting All the Pieces Together and Seeing the Bigger Picture

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